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Conifers Communication Skills Spoken English Personality Development Coaching Class


Welcome to CONIFERS!

CONIFERS helps you to communicate better and speak with style and confidence in your everyday life - at business meetings, during presentations, with clients, at your college, with your family at home, with friends over a cup of coffee, or with your building neighbours. We guide you to communicate well and develop your personality in more ways than one. CONIFERS conducts Communication Skills, Spoken English and Personality Development sessions at Baner, Pune and for your convenience, we also conduct in-house sessions for Corporates and Educational Institutes.

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​CONIFERS' quick tips to improve your Communication Skills and Spoken English

PLEASE DON'T TRANSLATE The way you use words in your mother tongue and English will probably be very different. The meaning of the translated words may also be different. Translation will slow you down and may hamper your Communication Skills.

Normally, people can understand what the other person is speaking in English. They can even read English. But, they fumble when they have to speak in English. Fluent Spoken English requires practice. Listening to an App or a website will not give you practice.

JOIN A CLASS A class will help you to speak English for atleast sometime every day or week. This will help you be surrounded by an English atmosphere and will help you achieve your goal to get a command over Spoken English, faster. Joining an online class or downloading an App will only help you with tips and videos. But, to improve your communication skills, you have to practice. And a real class will give you that experience.

USE SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS To enhance your communication skills, you should be equipped with a range of words that can be used. A simple word like “beautiful” can be replaced by different words like lovely, attractive, gorgeous, stunning, striking, scenic, pleasing, picturesque.

Learning to speak English is not a one day process. Don’t worry about making mistakes because you will make mistakes as a learner. Record yourself while practising to speak well. It will help you identify your mistakes.

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